Recreating Eden is a powerful, four piece, Progressive Rock band from San Antonio, TX. The band's founding members, Cameron Stahl and Frankie Cortinas, started the project in 2009 under the name Shards of Humanity. It was in 2012, after some legal issues regarding the old name, Recreating Eden was born. The two guitarists created the concept for Recreating Eden based off a novel series, currently in production, written by Cameron Stahl. Allowing the story to take life through the music, the need was evident for a capable singer to present the story through brilliant lyrics and emotional melodies. It wasn't long after that, the duo found lead singer, Andrew Douglas, a vocal prodigy. Originally a coffee house singer, located in Round Rock, TX, Douglas responded to a Craigslist ad posted by the band. After seeing that the band was looking for a vocalist, he very quickly auditioned and was the new lead singer the same day. After the power trio came into existence, it was evident that they needed a substantial rhythm section.  Originally lending a helping hand to the other three, Rodriguez found himself sticking around to help produce some of the most powerful and intense drum lines to exist in modern rock. Now the four have created one of the most creative and intimidating bands in the progressive world. Shredder guitar licks, complex and soulful melodies, a unique and powerful rhythm section, and one of the most phenomenal vocalists to ever exist combine to create Recreating Eden. With the band complete, they now begin production on their first album, hoping to bring you something very refreshing, emotional, and intense.

Recreating Eden is,

Andrew Douglas
Cameron Stahl
Frankie Cortinas
Steven Rodriguez

Recreating Eden